Anti-weed Windsurf Fin

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Special fin for spost and navigation areas with lots of algae. You can navigate with ease with the best features of a fin made by hand with the best G-10 and reinforced with premium carbon.

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Anti-weed Windsurf Fin

This is the obvious fin model to use in order to avoid algae.

If you like to surf in lakes or spots with large amounts of algae this fin will allow you to ride you board without worrying so much about getting algae caught under your board as this fin will avoid them with ease.  Riding with this fin will provide a similar feeling to the Freeride wave fin model but perhaps with somewhat reduced performance.

It is manufactured with the best G-10 materials with its base reinforced in carbon, CNC machined and then finished by hand as the rest of the range.

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Deep Tuttle, Power, Slot, Tiga, Trim, Tuttle, US


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